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I am Jose Fermin Ceballos from the Dominican Republic and a professional musician.

The type of music that I am or that I make is fusion. I like to mix rhythms from different places because I understand that music and cultures are wide, so if you grab a little of each thing and each rhythm is very important to have other elements in the music; but as a Caribbean musician, I have a merengue, bachata, salsa base and always adding a little of everything.

The music is a great vehicle to create change in our society.

New Orleans has been a great factor for me to continue mixing and adding other elements in my music. I thank New Orleans for its richness in music that I’ve found here and that I’ve learned from her.

We are now presenting a new project, and we always have something new to give to the people, and it’s basically a trio.

We have shows at Baja Nola in Metairie, Monday at El Paso, and at El Paso Chalmette on Saturdays every 15 days. We have a lot more activities on the way and we will let you know via this or other outlets.


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