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I’m Orlando Vega, the owner of Congreso Cubano.

Yo soy Charlie Miller, el copropietario y chef de Congreso Cubano.

Congreso Cubano is a company dedicated to make and export the Cuban food and also the traditional Latin, Spanish, Caribbean, and Miami food.

Nos enfocamos en servir comida cubana y diferentes comidas caribeñas de los alrededores.

I didn’t move to make food or to cook or anything, but as soon as I got here I noticed the shared history New Orleans has with Cuba, Spain and Miami. I fell in love with the story and wanted to explore it and since I love food, I chose food as a medium of exploration.

Nueva Orleans es la ciudad perfecta para tener un pop-up, en especial de comida caribeña. El mercado está hecho para eso y hay preferencia por lo hecho a mano en la ciudad, y nos hemos divertido mucho aquí.

We started with the pop-up concept because, for someone that doesn’t have a lot of money to put in a business, a small business, has a lot of advantages. You don’t have to own a restaurant or the equipment like a fridge or freezer, and at the end of the day, it gives you the opportunity to experiment for 2 to 3 years before you dedicate all your time to the business.

Cuando nos mudamos acá notamos que hay muchos Cubanos en Nueva Orleans y no hay mucha comida Cubana, o por lo menos había mucho menos en ese entonces, y creo que hemos ofrecido un punto de acceso para que la gente sienta que está de vuelta en su hogar.

What we love to do is explore the journey of our food. As any tradition that you start to analyze, you find other even older traditions, So Cuban food, as Cuban as it is, it’s also African food, Spanish food, Caribbean food. And we love to go on that journey because we not only make sweet plantains.

You can call us any day with a 48-hour notice and make a catering order on our website and will bring it to your home, office, wherever for everyone to enjoy.

Nos puede encontrar todos los martes en Barrel Proof en la calle Magazine, también hacemos mucho catering. Nos puede buscar en nuestra página web


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