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The Friends of the Lafitte Greenway was formed in 2006. We are a nonprofit organization formed to advocate for the construction of the greenway.

The Greenway is a 2.4 lineal park with trails for walking, riding bikes, and other commodities.

The neighbors got together and created the organization to make use of the space where the train used to be and create a space where you can work out, learn, and enjoy.

The Lafitte Greenway is 2.6 miles long and goes from Basin street near the Armstrong park down to North Alexander street, so beyond the Winn-Dixie and Rouses on Carrollton, and 4 more blocks until you reach City Park.

We offer programs centered on health, nature, community, and place. We have free exercise classes, volunteer projects; we work with neighbors on the community garden. What the community wants to see on the Greenway, we make it happen.

This summer is going to be busy for us on the Greenway. There is a free pool from the NORC, the Lemann pool on the corner of North Prieur and Lafitte Streets that will be open from Monday to Sunday starting this June 2nd.

There are playgrounds for children and are open every day of the week, there’s a multipurpose trail where you can walk, bike, skate, anything as long it doesn’t have an engine.

There are spaces for football, soccer, baseball, and 2 basketball courts.

Every Monday during summer, from 6 to 7 pm, starting in the second week of June, we’ll have free yoga nights near North Prieur Street.

There are 2 parks for working out on the Greenway and it’s basically an outdoor, free gym.

At the FitLot, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there is a trainer for people 55 and older, and on Wednesday after 5:45 pm there is a trainer for all ages and levels.

For more information about the Greenway and to get involved with us you can visit LAFITTEGREENWAY.ORG or you can contact me, Nellie the program director and yes I speak Spanish, at or 504-702-6778.


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