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Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Down syndrome is a genetic alteration caused by an extra chromosome or a part of it.

Down syndrome is not a disease. The effect this alteration produces is different in each person.

What can be confirmed is that a person with Down syndrome will have a form of intellectual disability and will show characteristics common of the syndrome.

Down syndrome is a genetic balance alteration that changes the organism, causing a slow development.

However, skills and abilities are not dependent solely on genetics, but on the stimulation and support received since birth. This stimulation, known as early development, is the only effective therapy to be found.

Sports are very important for the development of motor skills in people with Down syndrome.

It has proved that with support and love, they can be excellent as members of society.

Organizations supporting Down Syndrome

•Blessed By Downs Support Group of Southeast Louisiana •Special Olympics Louisiana •Cenla Down Syndrome Association •Discovering Downs with NELA •Down Syndrome Association of Acadiana

•Down Syndrome Association of Greater New Orleans •Down Syndrome Awareness Group of Baton Rouge

•Families Helping Families of Southwest Louisiana •Up with Downs •UP21 Foundation •Up4Downs of Southwest Louisiana

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