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Hi, my name is Moshe Mike Chen, also known as Machismo Mike as I’m the owner and guy that established Machisimo Wellness Centers.

The Machismo Wellness Centers is basically really represented by our logo. It’s a Ying Yang that represents balance, surrounded by leaves, and it represents natural balance.

Regular micro-needling, basically what it does is produce the natural reaction from the body of having tiny punctures all over the place. And there are two things that must happen; first thing when the needle comes in it creates a puncture in the skin that looks like that and then it must contract. So when you have 40, 50 thousand punctures contracting your skin gets tighter.

The second thing and this is scientifically proven, micro-needling will encourage the newest production of collagen in the body, more than laser resurfacing, peels, anything else.

And collagen is basically responsible for the youthful appearance. After the age of 30, we start losing it dramatically and the skin starts to look saggy, dry, and wrinkled and everything.

So if you come back every 4 weeks you keep the peak collagen production for another 4 weeks, and another 4 weeks, and after 4 or 5 months there is going to be a change.

Also, on top of it, every time that you do the treatment the skin contracts so it’s going to get tighter and looking more youthful. Acne scarring can disappear, wrinkles can definitely disappear, and hyperpigmentation can get reduced. Overall youthful of the skin will improve because it’s a must. Your body is producing collagen and the skin is getting tighter.

So the advanced micro-needling is done with this device which is similar to micro-needling but it has a few differences that I’m going to explain now.

First of all, it’s got a hammering mechanism so it means it hammers up and down so it makes the puncture a lot more efficient.

The second thing is the needles are different, there are laser pointed sharp, long thread and at the end of every needled there’s a U shape cap so every time the needle touches the skin it plumps like a pump a lot more serum deeper into the skin. So if the puncture is 1 millimeter the serum, collagen, hyaluronic acid, P.R.P., whatever we’re delivering, it’s actually being delivered 1/3 or ¼ more into the skin which makes the procedure less invasive to the body but a lot more efficient because it delivers more.

The whole concept of micro-needling is to deliver the serum deeper into the skin for better absorption.


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