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New Orleans is a city of many things, one of those things is it is one of a kind residents. In this particular case, we’re talking about Stacey Colangelo, a tattoo artist who also does permanent makeup. “Including permanent makeup, I’ve been tattooing for the past 8 years,” said Stacey. The difference between a regular tattoo and a permanent makeup is that a regular tattoo should be bold and graphic, and permanent makeup should look softer and natural. Good permanent makeup should not look like a tattoo.“Yes, I use different tools. It’s the same needle for a regular tattoo but the machine and ink are different.” confirmed the tattoo artist.“The permanent makeup I do the most are the eyebrows, and people love microblading since it looks so natural. Permanent eyeliner is very common, too.”There’s one procedure that Stacey loves the most, and it’s called Paramedic Makeup, which is when women have had mastectomies and they get the areolas tattooed. She does for free, if anyone has had a mastectomy during or after breast cancer, they can go and get it done free of cost.“I’ve met many women that have gone through chemotherapy have lost their hair because of alopecia and to that women tattoo their eyebrows for half the regular price”. Shared Stacey. Stacey Colangelo is the only tattoo artist, body tattooer, custom tattooer, however, you want to call it, that also does permanent makeup in the city of New Orleans.“That worries me because there are people that have never even tattooed a leg and the first thing they touch is someone’s eyelid, without having any drafting experience. Working in places that are not sanitary. There is not a cleaner space than a licensed tattoo shop to do permanent makeup.” said Stacey with a worried look on her face. If you are interested in contacting the talented artist, you can find her in Treasure Tattoo at 2350 St. Claude Ave. Something that separates TreasureTattoo from a lot of tattoo shops is that they are all women-led and operated. They are also the only tattoo shop in the city that offers permanent makeup and areola tattoo after mastectomy.


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